Professional Construction Cleaning

Imagine if you could work with a cleaning company that treated your construction project like their own, by taking complete ownership of the cleaning responsibilities and delivering exactly what you needed for hand over? What would it be like to never experience poor quality cleaning again? 365 Days Cleaning Services has spent many years perfecting construction cleaning and we understand what is most important to you.

When it comes to construction cleaning – we simply ‘Get It’. We provide and manage a total cleaning solution for your project so that you can get on with what you do best and what is more important to you onsite.

We have worked with the top Construction companies and most professionals in the business. Our work also includes helping Top Home Staging and Decorating Companies prepare houses for selling.

The continued response to our cleaning services is phenomenal. We guarantee our work and we will do more than you expect to make sure your place get the perfect last touch up

What is included in the Construction Cleaning services?

Take a look at the list of services our friendly and professional cleaners will provide at your place. Your house will never look so “green”.

All Rooms

  • Remove trash.
  • Remove labels and stickers.
  • Remove painter’s tape and masking tape as needed.
  • Clean and polish glass.
  • Vacuum heating, ventilation and air conditioning vents (outside only).
  • Wipe down baseboards, chair rails, crown molding and door trim.
  • Wipe down window trim and clean sills.
  • Wipe off door hardware.
  • Clean light fixtures and install bulbs (fixtures must be exposed).
  • Vacuum carpeting.
  • Dry mop wood floors.
  • Wet mop tile and concrete floors.


  • Remove trash.
  • Remove labels and stickers from fixtures.
  • Clean and polish faucets.
  • Clean and polish mirror.
  • Clean countertops and backsplash.
  • Wipe down cabinet.
  • Clean and polish shower tile and surfaces.
  • Polish shower faucets, shower heads and drain.
  • Clean and polish tub and tub surround.
  • Polish tub faucets and drain.
  • Wipe off towel racks, bars and rings.
  • Clean toilet, urinal and any other fixtures.
  • Clean inside vanity shelves and spaces behind doors.
  • Clean any tile work on walls or around windows and doors.


  • Vacuum furnace surfaces, hot water heater and washing machine and dryer connection points.
  • Clean stairs and landings, and wipe down balusters and handrails.
  • Wipe off tops, sides and bottoms of exposed ductwork.
  • Clean insides of cabinets and drawers.
  • Clean cabinet shelves.
  • Wipe off door hardware.


  • Clean sinks and polish faucets.
  • Wipe down cabinet fronts and exposed sides.
  • Remove any items in cabinet drawers and place on the countertop.
  • Clean insides of cabinets and drawers.
  • Clean and polish countertops.
  • Clean and polish appliances.
  • Clean under sinks.

Client Reviews

Arafat and his team was very friendly & professional and was accommodating to my schedule. They made sure that  I was satisfied with work as they prioritised our concerns . I was amazed with their efficiency and attention to details, which was definitely missing from other cleaning services I have used in past. Will happily recommend to friends and family as they have been providing exceptional services for the last 8 month. 


Surry Hills

The service standard was beyond expectations as I was very impressed with overall cleaning for their prices. I have received many 5 star reviews on my Airbnb home complementing the cleanliness of the rooms and the whole house. Thanks Arafat and his team for always providing the best service. 



We used 365 Days Cleaning for the first time for ‘End of lease cleaning’ and I am beyond glad we did. They were very responsive and answered all my concerns. We were so busy with the kids and packing that we barely had time to open the door for them. As soon they arrived they went straight to work and soon we saw the house transform back to how we received it 3 years backs. Thanks to team 365 days cleaning we got our bond back. Will definitely book again after we settle into the new house for monthly cleaning.



I’m property manager of 3 strata building, where I look after more than 100 housing apartments and fews offices. I have worked with Arafat and his team on many contracts and they have always impressed me in terms of their quality service and the price. The team is professional and always ready to take on extra work and finding me the best quotes for the jobs. Highly recommend their services! 



We provide 100% customer satisfaction guarantee on all our cleaning services.

We will send our cleaners back free of charge if they miss something on the checklist.

We also offer bond back guarantee on end of lease cleaning services.

We will ensure you get your bond back $$ or else we will send our cleaners back free of charge to provide 100% satisfaction.

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